Infocrank Servicing

Maintenance & Repair

UK Service Centre

Halo Cycles is the UK Sales and Servicing centre for Verve InfoCrank.

Infocranks are renowned for their accuracy, consistency and absolute reliability and will last many years when looked after properly. From time to time though your Infocrank might need to be checked over or repaired.

Batteries can be replaced at home and there is no need for recalibration or zero-offsetting during normal use, in fact you only really need to do so after crashes, flights. battery changes or firmware updates.

If you have a problem with your cranks, what ever it is, please get in touch to discuss how we can help. If a service is required we ask that you send back both cranks for us to run full diagnostic checks. We can give a cost estimate over the phone and will then confirm the actual cost once we have been able to assess the cranks in person.

Call Peter on 07973 909455 or email

Simple Steps for
Self Servicing

More often than not you will be able to solve most issues yourself.

If you are getting unusual power readings the first thing to do is a zero-offset. We have a video below that shows how to do it properly.

Next to look at are the batteries. InfoCrank batteries are easy to replace, all you need is a 2mm allen key and the correct, Silver Oxide SR44 or 357 batteries. It is important to use Silver Oxide and not alkaline.  ORDER BATTERIES HERE

Over the years one thing that can age is the seal on the battery covers. This is a natural process with rubber and so replacing the battery covers is worth doing if your cranks are over two years old. If you have trouble getting the covers off we can do it for you. Likewise, the domed cover on the back of the cranks can deteriorate over time, especially if bikes are left out in the sun. Ultraviolet light will damage the covers and the waterproofing rubber seals. We can replace the back covers.

Zero-Offset & Battery Change