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Soulor Cycles is a specialist cycle retailer. We are the UK Importer for Kreitler Rollers and an 'Expert' retailer of Infocrank Powermeters. Our products are geared to helping you perform better on the bike and coupled with our coaching services, we can help make you a better cyclist.

Infocrank Batteries – Set of 4


Varta V357/SR44 Batteries for Infocrank Powermeters

Set of 4 Silver Oxide batteries to renew a complete set of cranks.

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Varta V357/SR44 Batteries for Infocrank Powermeters

Your Infocrank uses SR44 Silver Oxide batteries. New cranks come with either Varta or Renata batteries and both brands are recommended by Verve to use as replacements.

We have secured a good supply of the Varta V357/SR44 batteries. We sell them in sets of 4 as it is recommended to change all the batteries in your powermeter at the same time.

Please note: There are many different batteries this size available from many different places. Many of the batteries you see will be alkaline based ones and will only last a few days. We have tried hard to source the recommended Varta Silver Oxide ones. Our stock is new and long dated, so will last a long time.


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