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Soulor Cycles is a specialist cycle retailer. We are the UK Importer for Kreitler Rollers and an 'Expert' retailer of Infocrank Powermeters. Our products are geared to helping you perform better on the bike and coupled with our coaching services, we can help make you a better cyclist.

Infocrank Compact 30mm Axle


The World’s Most Accurate Powermeter

InfoCrank is arguably the most accurate and consistent powermeter available. Used and trusted by governing bodies around the work and the chosen power meter of the Great Britain Cycling Team and the UCI Cycling Centre in Switzerland.

The 30mm axle gives you the stiffest drivetrain possible and the compact spider arms fit the smaller chainrings.

Infocrank is built for durability, usability, and day-in-day-out accurate power so that you can just enjoy your rides and track your progress. Batteries can be changed at home and the cranks work without activation magnets.

Price includes chainrings and bottom bracket.


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There’s Strength in Numbers

This version of the InfoCrank has a 30mm axle and a 110 BCD.  The 30mm axle provides the stiffest drive chain possible and the 110 BCD allows you to use compact chainrings; 50×34 or 52×36

The cranks are designed and manufactured specially for the two integrated power meters, measuring true and accurate left and right power. The 30mm axle fits the included Praxis Works bottom bracket. Choose the one to fit your bike, if you are not sure please get in touch and we can help.

Infocrank is purpose built for durability, usability, and day-in-day-out accurate power so that you can just enjoy the ride. Batteries can be changed at home and the latest software means the cranks work without activation magnets. InfoCrank has been developed for serious cyclists who want accurate and real power data – on the spot and to analyse in detail later. A cyclist’s power comes from the amount of Tangential Force or Torque applied through the cranks. The InfoCrank® only measures this force and not other forces, because they don’t drive the bike forward.

InfoCrank uses direct measurement which means there is no calibration necessary, it operates accurately at any temperature and any altitude you’ll be riding through. It’s also fully waterproof.


  • Left and Right True Torque meter
  • Professional crankset
  • 110mm BCD spider
  • 30mm axle, fits included Praxis Works bottom bracket
  • Factory calibrated
  • Current firmware enables accurate pedalling waveform & torque streaming.
  • No magnets required for regular riding.

Buy complete with Praxis Works bottom bracket and chainrings: 50×34 , 52×36

Additional information

Crank Length

170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm


52/36 Mid Compact, 50/34 Compact

Bottom Bracket

BSA (English Thread), BB30 / PF30 (Press Fit 30), BB86, OSBB (Specialised)