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Soulor Cycles is a specialist cycle retailer. We are the UK Importer for Kreitler Rollers and an 'Expert' retailer of Infocrank Powermeters. Our products are geared to helping you perform better on the bike and coupled with our coaching services, we can help make you a better cyclist.

Kreitler Rollers

Kreitler Rollers are arguably the best rollers in the world.

Made in the USA we are the UK importer and have been using them ourselves and recommending them to coached riders for well over 10 years. To be honest, apart from the most extreme power sprint efforts we believe rollers are by far the best way to train indoors. Instead of clamping your rear wheel, rollers require you to balance on the bike, making you engage your core and use your whole body, just like cycling on the road.

Kreitler Rollers are engineered to perfection and will give you an incredible road like feel. When coupled with a Killer Head Fan or the mass inducing Flywheels they can provide as much resistance as you need for any of your indoor sessions will require.

Choose from standard or kompact frames and varying drum diameters (the bigger the drum, the easier they spin). Kompact rollers have a smaller profile and are great for easily taking to races and events. Kreitler also produce the incredible Goldsprints Roller Racing Stations. Used by clubs, schools and groups around the world they are a perfect way to keep the competitive spirit going in cold winter months.

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