There are many facets to improved cycling performance and there are many reasons people want coaching.

Soulor Cycles
Love for the sport

At Soulor Cycles I have a love for the sport and the opportunity it brings. My aim is to help riders improve their cycling at all levels.

Whether you want to race at the highest level, want to go faster in the local 10 or just get fit for that dreamt of Sportive, I want to help. Working from a Gloucestershire base I believe in getting together as often as possible and building long term coaching relationships. For me cycle performance comes from body and mind and I find the more people are supported the better they go.

As a life long cyclist, GB rider in my youth and more recently multiple national masters and European scratch race champion I have a wealth of racing experience on the track, in time trials, on the road and in multi-stage races. In short, I understand endurance performance.

And then, improving and getting better results is as much about tactics and strategic planning as it is about physical development. Halo’s main focus is to build plans that fit in with your lifestyle and then work closely with you to use that new found fitness in the best way possible.

I work with everyone, from full time athletes to those trying to eke out their best while managing family life and time consuming jobs. In addition, I have great experience helping youth and junior riders, with a special knowledge of British Cycling’s Academy structure. In recent years I have helped riders prepare for once in a lifetime rides like Lands End to John O’Groats and riding the complete route of the Tour De France. These extreme endurance challenges require thought, planning and commitment and not something many riders can prepare for alone.

To find out more call me, Peter Georgi on 07973 909455.

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Individual Training Plans

Soulor Cycles builds plans around you and your lifestyle. Whether you are at school, work or are a full time professional we’ll help you match load to recovery to keep you moving forward.

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Performance Through Measurement

We set and monitor coaching through the world renowned Training Peaks software. Always know what you have to do and how you are progressing.

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Skills and Tactics

As a life long cyclist and successful racer my coaching will help you improve your skills and tactics as well as building your fitness and strength.

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Managing Your Development

What races to ride? What events to enter? Halo can help you manage your season. We understand British Cycling’s racing structure and have helped get many riders find teams abroad.

We don’t see coaching as just setting training and so can advise on many of the aspects of getting fitter. We work with and recommend two professionals, Chris Davis for physiotherapy and cycling specific strength and conditioning. And Jamie Richard for nutritional support. Both are experts in their fields.

Find more information on Jamie here: Nutrition

Plan and

Below are some of the riders that Soulor coaches or has coached (most have moved on to National Squads and professional teams). Our goal with everyone we work with is help plan short and long term goals and work in a progressive way to achieve them.