About us

Soulor Cycles is a specialist cycle centre embodying the passion for cycling of its owner, Peter Georgi.

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Soulor exists to help you improve your cycling. Whether you are just starting out and need help getting your position right, are looking for a new bike or are an experienced competitor looking for specialist coaching, powermeters and training tools, then we can help.

Improving performance requires a careful mix of many things; a structured training plan with a good idea of your goals, ways to measure what you are doing – we think powermeters are an essential part of your plan. Then you need to think about more than just your sessions. Increasing performance is about having your antenna up, thinking about all the little things that go towards a good performance. Nutrition, equipment, the course, your competitors. In-fact, if you just turn up on the day and ‘see how it goes’ then you have already lost. Peter has extensive experience as a cycle coach, from youth riders to internationals and professionals on both road and track. Couple that with great technical knowledge and we have the knowledge and skills to help you.

In terms of kit, Soulor Cycles is a the UK importer of Kreitler rollers (arguably the best in the world) and is a specialist retailer of Infocrank powermeters.

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Measured performance

We use the latest technology to measure, monitor and improve your efforts.

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Custom Bike Fit

Poor positioning can result in a massive loss of power through poor aerodynamics and posture.

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Our professional coaching plan can ensure you are doing the right training to improve your performance.

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Hire Equipment

Hire an InfoCrank before you buy.